Dear Parents,

The greatest passion for any real educational organization has always been to remain a beckon of hope and career growth for the aspiring students of the country.

Since its initiation, the one aspiration of our Nemi Chand Educational Academy has been the same, to ever remain an institute of distinction in CBSE education that incessantly responds to the changing realities and challenges both academic and social. And through the development and application of knowledge, and creation of a student-centered practical academia, we have protected and natured the career aspirations of the students.

We, the faculty ever remain humbled by our mandate to redefine and refine the process of education as well as to create a new generation of professionals, those who are capable, proficient and responsible. I can assure you that you are going to became a part of highly motivated institution engaged in Innovation, Continuous Learning and Adaption to both Global and Local challenges.

Mr. Bhoop Singh Indolia

Principal MESSAGE

Education, when imparted in the proper manner, leades to-'an awakening of the mind.' It enables a person to turn from all external aids to the infinity within and become a natural source of general knowledge and a spring of grand new ideas.

All school should aim at creating such an awakening in the students as it is necessary for their all round development. Knowledge always desires increase it is like fire, which must first be kindled by some external agent, but will after words propagate itself. It should be the aim of every teacher to kindle this flame of knowledge and make it sparkle and bloom.

Mahatma Gandi has described education as drawing out the best in child and man-body mind and spirit Swami Vivekanand had described education as a manifestation of the divine perfection already existing in man. To achieve this, the school needs to create an student friendly enviornmant which understands his needs and feelings, and provides him with all the opportunities needed to help him to succeed academically and develope into and emotionally healthy human being. Our school will endeavour to scale great heights through preseverance, hard work and dedication.

With Best Wishes.....

Mr. Harikant Sharma